Special Weave organic fabric Swatch Set

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  • Style No. : SWSS
    Weight : 0.5 Kg.

    1. Color swatch set- (Size: 6.5 cm X 7 cm approx)

    The Swatches will help you understand the  colors, shades and hues possible in herbal colors.

    2. 100% organic Special Weave Fabric Swatch Set-                                  (Size: 8 cm X 13 cm approx)

    The Special Weave organic Fabric will include varied fabrics that you can order. Fabrics include Linen, Flannel (GSM: 160), (GSM 220), Denim ( GSM: 11 OZ), Canvas-Thinner & Thicker (GSM 270-425), Terry-16’ piles/2x20 base (GSM: 450).

    3. Pamphlet with some information on herbal dyeing.

    If you have specific requirements, please do feel free to request for the same. We shall try to include those fabric samples too with the standard set.


  • ·   Hand Wash/Gentle wash separately
    ·   Wash at room temperature (30° C )
    ·   Use mild detergents only
    ·   Do not bleach or scrub
    ·   Dark Colour may Bleed
    ·   Dry in shade
    ·   Iron Warm on reverse
    ·   Avoid all contact with citric content substances